YY (short version)

Shon Abram + DDIY = YY.


With the soulful voice of American singer Shon Abram and the sounds of Berlin trumpeter and producer Florian Scheffler aka DDIY, Steffen Stark (dr), Lüder Lindau (bs) and Kota Maeda (git) they move through musical styles such as Funk, Hip Hop, Neo Soul and jazzy Trip Hop. It´s eclectic soul.


YY (long version)

Shon Abram + DDIY = YY.


Long Version: Shon Abram and DDIY met in 2014 coincidentally via Facebook and started a musical collaboration. Shon is a L.A. native and moved to Berlin in 2012 for new musical endeavors and inspiration. His solo career led him to various international territories like Russia, South Africa, Japan and a few others. Shon also works as an actor in films both in the US and Europe.

Florian Scheffler moved from rural Lower Saxony to Berlin in 2000. Pre​viously he worked with the band be which released two albums with EMI, toured for 5 years and sold over 60,000 copies. Under the name DDIY, Scheffler released the album Soul. Electrified. (Roof Music) which featured soul singer Lili Sommerfeld and guest artists from Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the US. The electronic style of the album was contrasted by Scheffler ́s trumpet, other analogous instruments and the various vocalists.

Scheffler ́s search for a new project with a new singer lead him to Shon Abram and they formed YY. YY means Ying Yang. It symbolizes the many differences between Shon and Florian, their background and their styles. Ying and Yang also means the attraction of opposites and the whole that can only exist with the combination of the both.

And that is YY: One that is only complete with the other. YY merges Black Music with influences from Europe and the US, from glossy and high production value to Indie.

Shon and Florian are supported on stage by bassist Lüder Lindau, drummer Steffen Stark and guitarist Kota Maeda. 

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